Starlight Garden in Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is a large commercial complex that opened on March 30, 2007. It was build on the land which belongs to Japan army. It became very popular place for tourists as well as Roppongi Hills, and is connected to Roppongi station with underground passage.


Inside the mall in Tokyo Midtown

This place is decorated with lots of beautiful illumination in every winter season. Many people come to this place to see this beautiful night view in this season.


Tree Illumination at Tokyo Midtown
Starlight Road at Tokyo Midtown
Starlight Road at Tokyo Midtown

There is a special zone for this illumination event. This is it. “Starlight Garden 2019”.


Starlight Garden 2019

This is the art of illumination entertainment with which all the LED lights will be controlled and syncronized with the background music. The theme of this year is starlights with soap bubbles. The soap bubbles will be generated and will fly in the air at the right moment in the show.

すべてのLEDライトが制御され、バックグラウンドミュージックと同期して上映されるイルミネーションエンターテイメントです。 今年のテーマはシャボン玉で演出されるスターライト。 ショーの最中、適切なタイミングでシャボン玉が作られて空を飛びます。

Starlight Garden 2019

It is better to understand what it is to see it with the movie than with the pictures. Please see this movie.


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