Shopping Mall in Genting Highlands Resort

Basically Casino is restricted in Malaysia, but there is only one exception. It is “Genting Highlands” which is only one officially approved casino in Malaysia. Its locations is mountain area, about 35km north of KL Sentoral station.


The altitude of this place is very high (1,700m). So this is very cool place which temperature is around 14 – 20 degree in Celsius. Because of this low temperature, it is usually covered by dense fog that prevents it from being seen from city. But sometimes it can be seen. I could take some pictures on such lucky day.


Genting Highlands from Doubletree by Hilton KL
Genting Highlands at night
Genting Highlands at night (close up from 32km away)

They built the longest ropeway in southeast Asia in 1997 (3.8km) to get to the top of the Genting Highlands. This ropeway is very popular attraction. So sometimes there is very long line to get it on.


There are several resort hotels at the top of Genting Highlands.


Genting Grand Hotel

There are several shopping malls there. This is the inside of the new shopping mall.


Sky Avenue Mall in Genting Highlands

I enjoyed Casino zone just next to this shopping mall. But there is no picture of the casino because it is prohibited to take pictures there.


I can show the pictures and short movies of the nice lighting attraction exhibited at the center of the mall instead. This is the ordinary view of the zone.


Center zone of Sky Avenue Mall

But periodically, the dramatic lighting attraction begins with many wall display and many moving lights from the ceiling.


Moving lights from the circle ceiling in Sky Avenue Mall

It is better to see the movie of the attraction, rather than to see only pictures. Please enjoy this 3 minutes short movie.


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