There are two dams in Penang Island. One is Air Itam Dam and the other is Teluk Bahang Dam. Teluk Bahang Dam is bigger and new, but Air Itam Dam has definitely nicer view surrounded by mountains and forests.


Air Itam Dam

It will take about 20 minutes to get here from George Town (about 10km).


On the way to there, you can see a photogenic Hinduism temple “Arulmigu Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam”.

そこへ行く途中には、写真映えするヒンズー教寺院「スリ マハマリアマン寺院」があります。

Arulmigu Sri Ruthra Veeramuthu Maha Mariamman Devasthanam

And a moutain road starts just after passing this temple, there is a famous temple “Kek Loc Si” in the middle of the mountain road.


Kek Loc Si

After the Kek Loc Si, the dam is almost there.


Approach to Air Itam Dam

Got to there.


The sign board of Air Itam Dam

Really a great view from the Sky at the Air Itam Dam.


There is a “Water Storage Rate” board of the major dams in Penang district.


This area belongs to nature reserved area where smoking is strictly prohibited.


Smoking prohibited area for the natural reservation district

There are some walking trail around this dam. It is not nice only to see it, but also nice to visit for walk around it.


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