Sunset in KL クアラルンプールの夕焼け

To see a beautiful scene must be a remedy for the human stress. Of course to see a beautiful sunset is a great relief for a person who has a strained health condition. This beautiful sunset scene was observed in April 2018 from my hotel room in Kuala Lumpur. 美しい風景を見ることは人間のストレス解消に役立つに違いありません。当然、きれいな夕焼けは、緊張で気分が張り詰めた人にとって、素晴らしい癒しになるはずです。この美しい夕焼けは2018年4月、クアラルンプールのホテル滞在時に見られました。

Perfect Rainbow Bridge 完璧な虹の架け橋

I think everyone knows “Rainbow”. And there must be few who has not seen rainbow. But there may be few people who have seen a perfect half-circle rainbow that is not missing. I’ve never had an experience to see a perfect never-missing rainbow until this time. 「虹」を知らない人はいないでしょう。虹を見たことがない人も少ないと思います。ところが、欠けることのない半円の虹を見たことのある人は少ないのではないでしょうか。私も欠けることのない完璧な虹を見た記憶は、このときまでありませんでした。 The place where …

On behalf of blog opening ブログ開設に寄せて

Dawn from a jetplane on the way to Japan

If someone goes to various places, he will see various landscapes. Sometimes the scenery is so beautiful. Recently, I often visit countries in Asia, and I am sometimes overwhelmed with astonishing landscapes of each country. This is a site I intended to create for introducing such wonderful scenery or scenes of Asian countries including Japan.


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