The north view from Ebisu Garden Place Tower

The location of Ebisu is 6km south west away from Tokyo station. There used to be very large Japanese beer factory “Ebisu Beer” there. But Sapporo Beer, the owner company of Ebisu beer factory decided to move the factory function from there and a vast land was generated in the middle of Tokyo city. “Ebisu Garden Place” was created in 1994 by utilizing the land to produce a modern business and commercial complex.


Ebisu Garden Place Tower and Sapporo Beer Station

While the main building is “Ebisu Garden Place Tower” which is a 167 meters high (40 stories ground/ 5 stories basement) skyscraper, this place is not designed with one single sky scraper, but various facilities, such as department store, museum, restaurants and others. The land utilization is very spacious because the base land is very large.

この場所のハイライトは167m の高さ(地上40階、地下5階建て)の「恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー」ですが、単なる一つの高層ビルだけではなく、百貨店、博物館、レストランなど様々な施設が併設され、敷地の広さを生かして贅沢な景観設計がなされています。

Main street in the facility
A big Baccarat glass chandelier display in winter season

There is a free observatory space “Sky Lounge” in 38th floor in Ebisu Garden Place Tower. And there are many other windows through which we can see outside from 38th and 39th floor. There are no tall building around this Ebisu area. So we can enjoy very nice view from here FREE!

恵比寿ガーデンプレイスタワー 38階には「スカイラウンジ」という無料展望台があり、38階、39階には外が見える窓が多くあります。また恵比寿地区には視界を遮る他の高いビルがありません。そのため、素晴らしい眺めを「無料で」見ることができます。

Nice view from Ebisu Garden Place Tower

We can see various major area in Tokyo from here. It is worth visiting here when the weather is fine.


The entire view from north side window
Shibuya and Shinjuku (north view)
Shinjuku and Ikebukuro (north view)
Tokyo Tower and Central Tokyo (north east view)
Atago area and Tokyo Tower (north east view)
Toranomon and Tokyo Sky Tree (north east view)
Tokyo Bay Area (west view)
Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Disney Resort (west view)
Fuji Television HQ and Tokyo Gate Bridge (west view)

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