About this site 本サイトについて

Royal Botanic Garden (Sydney Australia)

A different place will give us a different scenery. Sometimes the scenery is brilliantly beautiful. I have recently travel around various Asian countries and I was sometimes astonished with the “breathtaking” scenes in the countries. I decided to create this website to introduce such fascinating scenery in various Asian countries including Japan and Oceania.


This website is operated by one person for now. Webmaster is a man who lives in Tokyo Japan. Please allow my not proper English description if any. The main contents of this site is pictures and movies. But please understand that I sometimes write down other contents such as my experience and opinions, other topics which I want to introduce. Comments are always welcome in English.


Please understand that there will be some advertisement or some affiliate links. 本サイトには各種バナー広告やアフィリエイト・リンクが貼られることがあります。ご了承のほど、お願い申し上げます。