Terminal 21 in Bangkok at twilight time

There are a lot of shopping centers in Bangkok. So every shopping center in Bangkok must have some unique appealing point to show its presence. Terminal 21 Bangkok has the one. It is the internationality. In this Terminal 21, each floor has an atmosphere of one of world famous international cities such as Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Rome, etc. The location of Terminal 21 Bangkok is in front of BTS Asok station, where is very convenient to use BTS and MRT.

バンコクには多くのショッピングセンターがあります。数多くのショッピングセンターに埋没しないため、個々のショッピングセンターは何らかの特色を持っている必要があります。 ターミナル21の持つ特色は「国際都市コンセプト」。その各フロアはパリ、東京、サンフランシスコ、ローマなど、世界的に有名な都市をモチーフにして構成されています。その場所は、BTS アソーク駅に直結。BTSとMRT、どちらを使っても便利な場所にあります。

Terminal 21 and BTS Asok station

There are more than 6 stories in the Terminal 21 building in Bangkok.


Terminal 21

Let’s get into in it.


The long escalator in Terminal 21 Bangkok

This floor’s concept is San Francisco. There is a miniature model of very nicely build “Golden Gate Bridge” here.


The first floor’s concept is Tokyo. I walked around and took a video of this floor. And I found some slight difference from real circumstances of real Tokyo in Japan. Please watch.


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