Main Entrance of Meiji Jingu

Japanese shrines worship Japanese gods. “Meiji Jingu” is one of the major shrines in Japan. This shrine was built in 1920 to worship Meiji emperor and his wife. Although this place was newly built by planging trees, the magnificent atmosphere of this place is as if it has been there more than centuries.


Meiji Jingu Main Entrance

I visited this place one day in spring in 2020. The purpose is to visit “Kiyomasa’s well” which is well-known as the mighty power spot in Tokyo.


Main approach in Meiji Jingu property

This shrine is located at Yoyogi in Shibuya, which is one of the popular area in Tokyo. There is a signboard which describes the history of the naming of “Yoyogi” in the approach. The signboard says “There have been big oak trees from old days around here. So people called this place ‘Yoyog’i” (“Yoyo” means eternal. “Gi” means trees).


Explanation for the place name “Yoyogi”

This is a exhibit of many barrels of Japanese sake in the approach.


Barrels of Japanese sake

“Kiyomasa’s well” is located on the way to the main shrine.


Explanation of Kiyomasa’s well

It will take 20 minutes extra walk to see Kiyomasa’s well. It is located in the “Meiji Jingu Gyoen” (well organized isolated park in Meiji Jingu proparty).


Location of Kiyomasa’s well (#3 in the map)

The well is at the deepest point of the park. It is not so big and not so deep.


Approach to Kiyomasa’s well
Kiyomasa’s well

The diameter of the well is about 80cm, not so big. But I could see clear water spring out from the well continuously. It was a very refreshing and sacred view.


Kiyomasa’s well
Clear water flooding out from the well

After visiting the Kiyomasa’s well. I went the main shrine of Meiji Jingu.


The south god gate 南神門
The south god gate 南神門
The main shrine 本殿
The main shrine of Meiji Jingu 明治神宮本殿

I went home after worship.


The returning approach from the main shrine

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