Train Night Market Ratchada

There is a spot in Bangkok which is really like a “Jewelry box” at night. It is “Train Night Market Ratchada”. It opened in January 2015, there are about 1,000 shops on the site. It’s a night market, so the store will open around 5pm.


Train Night Market Ratchada

There are many stores which sell many goods at reasonable price. And because this market opens only at night, the atmosphere is very good.


However, this place is world famous for its beauty when looking down at the entire market. You can see this scene when you go up to the 4th floor or more of car park building of the shopping center “Esplanade” next to the market.

しかし、この場所が世界的に有名なのは、市場全体を見下ろした際の美しさです。市場の隣にある「エスプラネード」というショッピングセンターの駐車場ビルの 4F 以上に昇り、この場所を見下ろすと、鮮やかに光る一つ一つのテントの屋根がびっしり並び、あたかも宝石箱のようにきれいな光景を目にすることができます。

Train Night Market Ratchada

This place is also “Must See” for someone who has not been there.


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