Observatory of Mount Keira Summit Park

Wollongong is a mid-sized city in Australia which location is about 70 km south from Sydney. If you visit near Wollongong, there is a place which you must go. It is Mount Keira Lookout which is just 20 minutes drive from the central area of Wollongong.

ウロンゴンは、シドニーから南に約70 kmの場所にあるオーストラリアの中規模の都市です。 ウロンゴンの近くを訪れるなら、絶対行くべき場所があります。 ウロンゴンの中心部から車でわずか20分のキーラ山展望台です。

Mount Keira Summit Park

The height of Mount Keira is only 464 m. But its location is very good to look down entire Wollongong city, it has a very nice viewpoint.

キーラ山の標高は464 m。しかし、その位置はウロンゴン市街を見渡すのに非常に好都合で、そこには素晴らしい見晴らしの場所があります。

Mount Keira

The access to the place is very convenient because it is just 20 minutes drive from Wollongong central area by car. There is no need to get off the car and no need to walk.


The entrance gate to the Summit Park

There is a snack shop in the parking area of the look out.


Parking area of the lookout

So every one can get there easily by car and spend a relaxed time there.


Mount Keira Look out

It is a superb view to see the city of Wollongong and the sea.


The lookout will close at night. But we can see very magnificent view of stars in front of the gate at night when the weather is fine. This is because there is no extra light near the gate to block the star light.

展望台は夜に閉まります。 しかし天気が良い夜には、山頂付近では非常に壮大な星空が見えます。星の光を遮るような余分な光がないためです。

Starry sky
Milkey Way

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