Petronas Twin Tower

Petronas Twin Tower can be seen everywhere in Kuala Lumpur because it is 452 meters high. It was built in 1998. The owner is “Petronas” the national oil company in Malaysia. Petronas is known as the F1 sponsor for Mercedes. So there are two F1 model cars are presented at the entrance.

ペトロナスツインタワーは高さ452メートル。そのためクアラルンプールのいたるところに見ることができます。 1998年に建設されたその超高層ビルの所有者はマレーシアの石油会社「ペトロナス」です。 ペトロナスはF1のメルセデス・チームのスポンサーとして知られています。 入り口には2台のF1モデルカーが展示されています。

Entrance of Petronas Twin Tower

The left side from the main entrance is “Tower 1”.


Tower 1

The right side from the main entrance is “Tower 2”.


Tower 2

It is very modern and unique design which is attractive in daytime, but it is also very beautiful at night with white illumination.


Petrronas Twin Tower at night

There is a large luxury shopping mall, “Suria KLCC” in the building property.

ビルの敷地内には大型高級ショッピングモールの Suria KLCC があります。

Suria KLCC

When I took this picture, it was the evening just before Ramadan period. Many people gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan.


People cerebrating the end of Ramadan

クアラルンプールに行く際は、このペトロナス・ツインタワーを見ることをお勧めします。チケットはそこそこ高い(RM80 ≒ 2,100円)ですが、昇った時の眺望は格別です。。外から見たり、ショッピング・モールに行くだけでも十分満足するはずです。

If you are going to Kuala Lumpur, we recommend that you see the Petronas Twin Towers. Tickets are reasonably expensive (RM80 ≒ $19USD), but the view when they rise is exceptional. . You can be satisfied just by looking from the outside or going to a shopping mall.

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