Stone steps to Suga Shrine

There are many shrines in Japan. So most shrines are only for their neighborhood residents and are not popular with other people. This Suga Shrine also used be a very local shrine until this Japanese anime movie came out.


Your Name. (君の名は。) (c) 「君の名は。」製作委員会

“Your Name.” (Kimi no Na ha) is Japanese anime movie released on August 26, 2016. It kept No.1 sales for long time, and became No.1 world sales movie for Japanese anime movie beating “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi“.


Suga shrine is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The nearest station is Yotsuya-3 Chome on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line.


It doesn’t face the main street, so you need to check it on the map to get there. Once you get down Tennozaka, go up the stone steps again.



Just got off Tennozaka. At first glance it is a normal residential area, but there is a signboard of “Suga Shrine”.


Entrance of Suga Shrine

I came to the front of the stone steps. This is the stone step that became famous in the movie. You can see that some people are taking pictures.


Stone steps in front of Suga Shrine

I arrived at the shrine precincts. It is not so big, but it is calm and has a good atmosphere. Some people worshiped.


Suga Shrine precincts

I took a picture looking down on the stone steps from the top at the angle I wanted to take at the end.


The picture I wanted to take

This angle is the composition used in the very moving impressive scene in “Your name.”


Your Name (君の名は。) (c) 「君の名は。」製作委員会

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