Roof Deck at Tokyo City View

Roppongi is very popular area in Tokyo for foreign visitors. Sometimes I can see more foreign people than Japanese especially at night.


Roppongi intersection

Just two minutes walk from Roppongi intersection to Shibuya area, there is a large skyscraper which name is “Roppongi Hills”. It is the tallest building in Roppongi area which has 54 stories and its height is 238 meters.


Roppongi Hills
Roppongi Hills

The 52th is observatory floor which name is “Tokyo City View”. There are no surroundings at this height, so it has pure 360° view. Of course you can look down Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba.


View with Tokyo Tower from Tokyo City View
Tokyo Tower and Bay Area

There is a admission for Tokyo City View. The regular ticket price for an adult is 1,800 yen. This fare includes the entry fare for “Mori Art Museum” which located at 53th floor.

Mori Museum entrance (from official HP)

Now the building management have released the roof top (Sky Deck) to the Tokyo City View visitors with extra 500 yen. You must go if the weather is fine. It is worth more than the extra admission.


Here there is no glass window that partitions the outside. You can also enjoy a spectacular view with the fresh air of 238 meters high.


Viewing Shinjuku area from Sky Deck at Roppongi Hills

You can see famous landmarks in Tokyo clearer from here than from inside such as Tokyo Tower…


Tokyo Tower

The tallest structure in Japan (634 meters), “Tokyo Sky Tree”.


Tokyo Sky Tree

And the various monuments in bay area, Rainbow Bridge, Fuji Television Building.


Various bay area (Odaiba) monuments

Even you can see Haneda International Airport which is about 13 kilo meters away from there.


Haneda International Airport and “Kaze no Tou (Wind Tower)” at the left

There is a Japanese style garden at the ground area of the building property.


Garden area in Roppongi Hills property

I recommend to visit Roppongi Hills if you have not been there because it is modern, comfortable and also exciting zone in Tokyo.


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