GUNDAM RX-78 (2012)

Odaiba is located in Tokyo Bay area. This area used to be a sea, and was newly created by land filling about 40 years ago. Because this area is filled with many modern building and unique facilities, so many foreign visitors visit this Odaiba place to see Japan-like scenery. This place is “Diver City Tokyo”. Here you can see “Real Size GUNDAM”!


There used to be original GUNDAM(RX-78) in 1992. But now we have newer version “UNICORN GUNDAM”(RX-0) here.


Unicorn GUNDAM RX-0 (2019)
Unicorn GUNDAM RX-0
REAL SIZED! (19.7m high)
Very popular with foreign visitors

Not only the unique facilities, we can see very beautiful scenery from this Tokyo Bay Area. This picture is very famous “Rainbow Bridge”.


Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty

“Rainbow Bridge” was built in 1993 to connect bay area and Tokyo central area, and is the state of the art mega structure which span is 798m. This statue of liberty was officially presented from the government of France in 2000.


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