Lavender Bay with Sydney Harbor Bridge

The view from Lavender Bay is brilliantly beautiful, magnificent and healing. While Lavender Bay has such perfect bay view of Sydney, it is not so popular among tourists. I think this is because its location. Lavender Bay is located in North Sydney which is the other side of Sydney City through Sydney Harbor Bridge.


What makes the view of this place superb is that it has a view with all of bay, bridge, ships and city skyline.


Lots of vessels and Sydney city

There is a tiny amusement theme park which name is “Luna Park” at North Sydney’s side of Harbor Bridge. We can see it from Lavender Bay.


Luna Park

There are a lot of photos that I want to introduce. And it will be the long page if I simply place all the pictures. So I will categorize them into three categories: Whole View, Harbor Bridge and City.


Whole View 全体像

Lavender Bay my recommend

Harbor Bridge ハーバーブリッジ

Harbor Bridge my recommend

Sydney City シドニー中心部

Sydney City my recommend

I strongly recommend to visit Lavender Bay if you have a chance to visit Sydney. It will be approximately a 20 minutes trip from Sydney CBD to Lavender Bay by taking a taxi.


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