Kaminari-mon Asakusa Tokyo

Asakusa is one of the most popular spot in Japan for foreign visitors. And Sensoji temple and Nakamise-dori is the highlight of visiting Asakusa area because its atmosphere has “Japan Taste” very much. To visit Asakusa temple, it is the typical route to go to Kaminari-mon first.



Kaminari-mon is itself photogenic place and it is always crowded around there, but when you see Kaminari-mon, just take a look right hand side. You can see “Tokyo Sky Tree”, a fairly new Japanese monument which was built in 2012.


Kaminari-mon and Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree at night

And there is a straight approach filled with lots of quaint shops between Kaminari-mon and Sensoji temple, which name is Nakamise-dori.



Even for us Japanese, it is a fun to look around various Japanese taste souvenir / fast food shops.


Walking through Nakamise-dori (5min 36seconds)

After enjoying the shopping/walking through Nakamise-dori, you will arrive at the entrance of Sensoji temple, which name is “Houzou-mon”.


Houzou-mon Sensoji temple

“Hozou-mon” means the gate which keeps various treasures. Its name used to be “Niou-mon”. “Niou” is the name of a Buddhist sacred muscular guardian. There are two Niou guardians on both sides on this gate.


Houzou-mon and a Niou
The Niou at the right side of the Houzou-mon gate

After walking through this Houzo-mon, you can see nice view of Sensoji temple


Sensoji temple

It is also nice to have a dinner in Asakusa area. There are lots of nice and exotic restaurants around there. Asakusa is worth visiting for everybody.


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