Ginza Mitsukoshi

Ginza is one of the most popular places for foreign visitors to Japan. There is a famous department store “Ginza Mitsukoshi” at the central area in Ginza. The land price around this area (Ginza 4 Chome) is known as the highest in Japan, which is more than 45,000,000 yen (414,000USD) for just 1 square meter. So Ginza Mitsukoshi is the department store on the land which price is the highest in Japan.


Ginza 4 Chome

There is a very famous icon monument in front of the main entrance of the department store, which is the bronze statue of a lion. Sometimes he wears a special costume. He wears the costume of a fire fighter because it is now in the fire prevention event.


The Bronze statue of lion

Going inside the store. The ground floor is the typical upper-classed shopping floor with many people.


A bag shop zone on the ground floor

There is a special “Duty Free Shop” at floor 8.


Duty Free Shops at 8th floor

I like to go into this department store not for the shops inside, but the existence of “Ginza Terrace” at 9th floor.


Ginza Terrace at 9th floor

“Ginza Terrace” means…


Yes. The special feature of the Ginza Terrace is its roof garden.


Roof top garden

It will be too cold to be here in the mid winter, but it is very comfortable in the sunny daytime in this autumn season.


There is a small shrine “Mimeguri Shrine” in this roof top area. You can see such roof top shrine here in Japan frequently. We Japanese respect old existing shrine or god on the flat land where they are going to build a building. The landlords often move that existing shrine on the ground to the roof top rather than just demolish it.


Mimeguri Shrine

It is greatly recommend to go to 9th floor if you visit Ginza Mitsukoshi. It is quite a refreshing area.


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