A very old and rusty car

Malaysia is one of the countries where I can see VERY old and rusty cars. I don’t know the exact reason why. But my best guess is to own a car is extremely important to live in this country. Because everyone has to own a car, we can see very old cars which owners are no rich people.


Sometimes we can see such a stolen and abondoned car in public space.


Abondoned vehicle

I guess this car was stolen at somewhere and the robber took all the valuable parts in the car, and placed as this is. Very pitiful scene.


This is a Mercedes Benz I found when I took a walk on a week end day.


The windows were broken, and of course there were no wheels. I am reluctant to say this “was” a Mercedes.


The inside is of course also damaged. Once this car have worked under the owner, and have been love by him. But now I cannot say anything with this situation.


Malaysia is generally a good country. But as for the car condition, I felt the situation in Japan was much better than Malaysia.


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