Entrance gate of Yanaka Ginza

Yanaka is a small town from 5.2km away from Tokyo station. The nearest station is Sendagi (Tokyo Metro) or Nishi Nippori (JR).


Yanaka Ginza area

But it is fairly popular with various visitors especially with visitors from foreign countries.


The entrance of Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

I think the reason of the attractiveness of this place is its unique atmosphere. Comparing the typical commercial spots in Tokyo area, this place has good and old appearance as if we are in the place which is more than 50 years ago. I think 50 years are very short if we think a nature spot. But Yanaka is a commercial area with lots of shops. So it is a very unique existence.


Yanaka Ginza Street
Various old style shops in Yanaka Ginza

There’s a famous short stone steps which name is “Yuyake Dandan” (Sunset Steps) at the end of Yanaka Ginza street. This is also a famous place to visit.


Yuyake Dandan (Sunset Steps)
Yuyake Dandan
The view from the top of Yuyake Dandan

There are lots of unique shops along this street. But I found a very interesting restaurant at the top of Yuyake Dandan. The name of the restaurant is “Zakuro” (Pomegranate) which owner is Iranian guy. They serve Iranian/Turkish/Uzbekistan cuisine. This restaurant is very reasonable, unique and worth visiting, I think.


Restaurant “Zakuro”

It is not far from the central tokyo area. Just a 30 minutes ride on a train. Nice place to walk around.

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