Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building is located just the next to Sydney Town Hall. It is facing George Street, Sydney CBD. The original building was built in 1898 as a concert hall. But it is now a big shopping center. It was renovated in 1988.


The main entrance of QVB
Name plate indicating the renovation

If you can look down the building roof top from high place. you can recognize the trace of modernizing renovation of this building.


The roof top of QVB

Though it was renovated in 1988, there are many historical monuments inside the building. One is marble sculpture by William Priestly MacIntosh, “Guardian Genius of the City“.

1988年に大規模改修工事を行ったものの、建物には多くの歴史あるモニュメントが残っています。まずは、William Priestly MacIntosh が作り上げた大理石の彫刻、 “Guardian Genius of the City” (シティの賢人護衛)

Guardian Genius of the City
Guardian Genius of the City“, marble sculpture on QVB

The next monument is “The Great Australian Clock” designed and made by Chris Cook which is hung from the ceiling.

もう一つのモニュメントは「グレート・オーストラリア・クロック」。Chirs Cook 作で天井からつるされています。

The Great Australian Clock

It weighs 4 tons and it is hung by only one pole. I am just curious how is the safety margin of the strength of the pole.


The Great Australian Clock

And the stained glass decoration above each entrance is very beautiful.


There are lots of unique shops in side this building. It is fun walking inside this building even if you don’t buy anything.


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