Australian Parliament Building

Canberra is a capital city in Australia. When Australian government decide to settle the capital city, there was a big argument which city should be the capital Sydney or Melbourne. So they decided to create a new city for the capital because it was too difficult to decide the capital city either Sydney or Melbourne.


Canberra is very neat and well organized city, because this city was built from zero in 1908. This place was not shaped by their old ancestors, but an American modern Architects, “Walter Burley Griffin” and “Marion Mahony Griffin”. So Canberra is very cleanly built and everyone can see the achivement.


View from the roof top of Australian Parliament in Canberra
Commonwealth Avenue

There is a Australian Parliament in State Circle in Canberra. The building is simply beautiful and magnificent.


Australian Parliament
View from Australian Parliament

People can go into the building after the security check. There is a big hall in it, which name is “Great Hall”.


The tapestry hanged in front of the hall is famous as the biggest tapestry in the world.


Visitors can go up to the roof top of the building. You can see 360 degree panorama view of Canberra from there. Worth visit.


The roof top of Australian Parliament House

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