Mount Fuji from Tomei Express Way

Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan (3,776 meters). And Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan.



The mountain shape is classified as “stratified volcano” (Konide). It is formed as a result of lava with a medium viscosity flowing over the surface from the same crater and accumulating many times. The form is well-balanced and has long appealed to Japanese aesthetics. As a result, there are many places in Japan called “Fujimi” (Fuji-view).

Mount Fuji from a car

Fuji was recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2013. And it became more popular with foreign visitors since then.


Mount Fuji from a jet plane


It is 100km from Tokyo Station to Mt. Fuji on a straight line. It is possible to visit Mount Fuji if you have one extra day other than Tokyo visit. You can go by car up to the “5 Gome” (50% height) of Mount Fuji, and there is a well-maintained mountain trail to the top since it is the most famous mountain. However, several people die from accidents while climbing every year. When climbing Mt. Fuji, you must climb with sufficient planning and equipment.

Mount Fuji from a jet plane

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