A intersection filled with cars from every direction

Heavy traffic jam occurs in Malaysia especially in KL every day. One of the major reason is that car is still the major transportation in Malaysia. As a result, there are too many cars that are owned and operated compared to road capacity compared to Europe, America and Japan. The roadway will be saturated unless any countermeasure will be conducted such as the public transportation system improvement to reduce the number of operating cars or the vast road expansion, .

マレーシアでは、特にKLで毎日渋滞が発生しています。 主な理由の1つは、マレーシアでは依然として自動車が主要な輸送手段であることです。 その結果、道路容量に比べ、保有され、稼働する車の数が欧米や日本と比べると多すぎます。公共交通機関を整備して稼働自動車数を減らすか、道路整備を大きく進めないと、車道が飽和してしまいます。

Heavy traffic jam in KL in evening rush hour

And every driver rush into the intersection even if there is a risk to block the intersection when the signal changes. And they horn to the cars ahead of him heavily. For us Japanese this culture is not understandable because this action dramatically reduces traffic efficiency.

また、信号が変化したときに交差点をブロックするリスクがある場合でも、すべてのドライバーが交差点に突入します。 そして、彼らは彼の前の車にけたたましくクラクションを鳴らします。 この行動は交通効率を劇的に低下させるはずで、私たち日本人にとってこの文化は理解できません。

I figured out that there is a culture to move forward the car even if there is no room for other cars to get out in Malaysia. This is a sample scene for that cars parked along the back street in the building.


Cars parking behind the building back

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